6 Ways to Calm Your Anxiety

By  Photographee.eu

Send. No, don't send! That middle sentence sounds too harsh. Okay, send. Wait! It sounds too goofy... I want to be taken seriously. Should I even send this at all? *sigh* Well, I have to send something, so this is going to have to do.
*30 minutes later*
They haven't replied yet... I probably made them mad. They probably think I don't respect them. Ugh, I'm pretty sure I'm going to throw up. 
*another 30 minutes*
Will the nausea ever end? Why aren't they responding? Maybe I should send another message to clarify more what I meant. Maybe I should apologize for that joke I threw in.
Whatever happens, happens. They probably aren't my friend anymore. Why can't I ever keep friends? What is wrong with me?

Sounds a little dramatic, right? This is a frequent scenario for me. And when I start feeling panicky and sick I do the following to help myself calm down.

Remove yourself from the situation
Turn off the phone. Step away from the computer. Whatever it may be. Just take yourself away from being able to check for messages or re-read what you sent (If that's what you're dealing with)

Distract yourself
It's best to find something that requires you to be active. Anything that can keep your mind from wandering back to your anxious thoughts.

Talk to someone.
Confide in your spouse or a close friend. Having someone on the outside of the situation can reassure you that you are just over thinking. Also, giving someone else some of your burden will help bring your own stress down.

Talk to your pet.
Sometimes we need to talk to someone who won't talk back. When I had horses, I would talk to them about my problems. They would just stand there patiently listening. And I could bury my head in their neck for a good cry.

By  Christin Lola

This doesn't have to be vigorous. Just going on a walk will be enough exertion to boost your mood.

Ignore the thoughts
I have found this one to be the most helpful. It's difficult at first, but with practice you can dismiss persistent unwanted thoughts. As soon as a thought starts to enter your mind, make a conscious effort to shut it down. You do this by changing the subject. Immediately start to think about something else.

Exercise for Stress and Anxiety

Find your life goals

By  magdal3na

It is so easy to feel discontent with everyday life. Figuring out what you want your life to look like will help. Many times I've found myself looking at other people's public lives. I think it looks so perfect and I feel the need to recreate it. Even if I could make my life look like theirs, would it make me happy? Would it make my family happy?
We all have different interests. Pursuing our own happiness will leave us more fulfilled than if we accomplish other people's goals.

August goals for myself:
  • Finish reading "An Unlikely Event", and "Orphan Train"
  • Visit Mt. Rainier (There's a free entrance day this month!)
  • Actually stick  to our grocery budget... *ahem*
  • Commit to 45 minute barre3 workout sessions at least 4 days each week
  • Have a date with each of the kids (one on one) once a week
  • Get to sleep by 10pm each night, so we have energy for all of this :D
  • Work up to getting out of bed at 5:30am
  • Get a date in with Jamin

Check out my sources below for even more information on goal setting. Go set some goals! Then come back to tell me what you want to accomplish this month.

Esther; Months 4&5

Baby Esther is now 5 months old! :'( She has changed the most in these past few months. She's getting more personality and becoming aware of a bigger world.
In the last couple months, Esther has;

  • Rolled over, from tummy to back and back to tummy
  • Brings her hands together to put either her hands in her mouth, or something she's holding
  • Laughs when I tickle her sides
  • Ate her first foods: peas and apple
  • Sits up while I'm supporting her
  • Responds to hearing her name
  • First camping trip!

I'm going to say this every month, "they grow up so fast!". It's crazy to watch babies go from newborn to aware infant. She has so many different facial expressions already. She's got the pouty lip down. Whenever there's a loud noise or a stranger she's not sure of, she sticks out her little lip.
I love watching her study things. Her hands, toys, people, the dog.
I want her to stay little. At the same time, though, I can't wait for all the other milestones. Next up, crawling.

Putting it in perspective

Two years ago I was seeing a psychologist.
Jamin had gotten laid off from Pepsi and I was pregnant. Two major life events going on at the same time and on opposite ends of the spectrum of emotion. I thought I was doing great. Everything had to keep going on and with a smile on my face. But during one of my appointments with my midwife we discussed how everything was actually not okay.

I bring this up because I think of it every time I write a gratitude post. As "homework" my therapist had me keep a gratitude journal. On it, my entries would be, "I'm thankful for the food bank", or "I'm thankful I have clothes to wear", "I'm thankful the sun is out, today". Some days were a struggle to find one thing to put down. But, it's a good way to get through the day to day when you're going through a difficult season. Finding just one sliver of joy to cling on to in the midst of whatever hardship you have to go through.

My gratitude's for this week:

  • Living within walking distance to the library. We went to a play and learn group there, yesterday. It's nice to have somewhere to go when the sky is covered in clouds and the playground is not really an option.
  • It didn't rain until after we got back
  • I have an awesome tan from our time at the lake, and not a sunburn
  • We have the resources to get out of the city every once in a while and enjoy the gorgeous nature that surrounds us
  • Laying at the end of a dock, taking in all the stars without the inhibiting city lights.
  • Elena, making breakfast most days (oatmeal)
  • Elena pretending to be me when we got back from our trip, so she only wanted to do "mom" things. She picked up the living room and unloaded the dishwasher. I was so exhausted, but having that done the next day just made it easier to keep up with a normal routine.

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